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Anime Shower was a publication series in the 90s that compiled various shower scenes. The first volume came out in 1990. The third volume came out in 1992. Each was 36 pages and in comic book format.

It was produced by IANVS Publications which later became Protoculture Inc.


Content listed include but is not limited to what is listed.

Issue 1

Anime scenes: Akira, Appleseed, Area 88, Black Magic M-66, Crying Freeman, Dirty Pair, Fire Tripper, Gunbuster, Iczer-One, Macross, Mai, the Psychic Girl, Megazone, Outlanders, Ranma ½, Urusei Yatsura, Xenon

Original art by: Michel Gareau, Ben Dunn, Don Yee, Adam Warren and Emru Townsend.

Issue 2

2 articles of unknown titles

Anime scenes: Nadia, Patlabor, Lyger, Orange Road, Under The Gundam, AD Police 2500, Drakuun, Dragon Breeder, Gall Force Private Life, Bastard!, Guyver, Five Star Stories

Original art by: Ben Dunn, Tim Eldred, Jason Waltrip, Adam Warren, Robert DeJesus, Alexandre Racine, Rich Arnold, Daniel C. Kellaway, Michel Gareau and Don Yee. Comic Book format. 36 pages.

Issue 3

2 articles: Topless Ten, U.S. Manga Galls

Anime scenes: Macross II, Video Girl Ai, Midnight Eye, A Wind Called Amnesia, Gundam 0083, Sol Bianca, Bathlabor!, Five Star Stories

Original art by: Tim Eldred, Dan Lane, Normand Bilodeau, and Jose Rubies. Cover by Robert DeJesus. 36 pages.

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