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This is a guide to the rules and policies of the Wiki. It is currently under construction right now and is not finished.

Inclusion Policies

What counts


  • Any scene where a character is immersed naked in any type liquid. (see Bath, Skinny Dipping, Tube Bath)
  • Any scene where a character is naked and has liquid falling on them. (see Shower, Rain Shower, Waterfall)
  • Any scene that implies an attempt at bathing, getting ready to bathe or just finished from bathing. (see Off Screen Bath, Bath Attempt)
  • Any scene that involves a naked character present as a bather in a bathing environment even though they aren't seen touching liquid or making any effort at cleaning themselves. (see Furo, Off Screen Bath)
  • Any scene in which a clothed character is inside a bathing environment and gets immersed in the bathwater or ends up under a running shower (see Clothed Bathing, Swimsuit)
  • Any scene where a clothed character ends up losing all of their clothing (or a majority of them) while in a body of liquid or under falling liquid. (see Bathing Suit Loss)


  • Any animated feature made in Japan from TV series, OVAs, films. (anime)
  • Any comic made in Japan with some form of official publication. (manga)
  • Any video game, live-action feature, comic or animated feature that has gained some sort of adaption that atleast resembles anime or manga.


  • Any character that appears in an anime or manga series.
  • Any character that appears in any part of a franchise that has had an adaption that at least resembles anime or manga.

Image Policies

  • Do not upload any pictures that show nipples on female breasts, male genitalia, strongly detailed or primarily centered buttocks, female crotch or sexual acts. (Rule only applies to the Wikia version)
  • Do not upload stitched caps.