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This is a list of articles that have been the featured content:

October 3rd, 2018 "Mixed Bathing"
Mixed Bathing or Coed Bathing is when people of both sexes bathe together. Some older Onsens out in Japan's countryside have mixed bathing. While many male characters fantasize about the idea of being able to take Baths with girls, most mixed baths end up being disappointing to them and full of elders. Usually during mixed baths at onsen's everyone wears a Towel in the Hot Spring to maintain modesty in front of each other. A mixed bath in Japanese is called Konyoku. The picture came from Sailor Moon.
July 4th, 2018 "Shower Room"
Occult Academy 8 1.png
A Shower Room is a large room filled with Showers suited to be a place where multiple people can shower in the same room together. They are typically put in locker rooms or some sort of group base. Similar to Public Baths, they are usually separate rooms for each gender. Some have a design of having everyone in one giant open room with showers along the walls and others will have a series of Shower Stalls where each bather is standing in a separated space for them. .The picture is from Occult Academy.
January 10th, 2017 "Hot Spring"
A Hot Spring is a natural body of water that is filled with hot water that was geothermally heated and is almost exclusively used by many to take Baths in. Japan most notably has a large amount of hot springs with most of them now being commercialized and have been turned into Onsens and Uchiyus. Out in the wild they are the most ideal place to go Skinny Dipping because its the only natural source of hot water which sometimes will be occupied by Monkeys in the area. The picture is from Inuyasha.
October 5th, 2016 "Hair Dryer"
A Hair Dryer or Blow Dryer is an electrical device that shoots out hot air to dry wet hair faster. It is often used after bathing, especially when a character bathes before bed and doesn't want to get their pillow wet. In some bathing scenes they may be in some special kind of Shower that blow drys them off after they are finished showering. The picture is from Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo.
April 4th, 2016 "Bubble Bath"
My Daddy Long Legs 11 6.png
Bubble Bath or Bath Foam is a very soapy substance that remains floats above the water. It is usually created by pouring in the substance from a bottle into the running bathwater. Bubble baths aren't very common in Japanese culture and are more of a product seen in western culture. They tend to make the bath more relax and often can be used in playful manner such as Bubble Bath Blowing. The soap suds created from the bubble bath are usually seen as useful product for Convenient Censoring in bath scenes. Sometimes during bubble bath scenes many bubbles can be seen floating around the bathroom. This picture is from My Daddy Long Legs.
January 1st, 2016 "Arm Washing"
Hunter x Hunter 2011 110 4.png
Arm Washing is the obvious action of a character washing their arm while bathing. It is a simple action consisting of a character rubbing there hand down their arm. Sometimes if Soap is involved they will rub it back and forth. It is one of the most simple signs used in bathing scenes that shows the character is thoroughly washing them self. This picture is from Hunter x Hunter.
July 7th, 2015 "Water Scooping"
Rinne no Lagrange 7 8.png
Water Scooping is when a character is bathing and they scoop some of their bath water into their hands. They usually look at their reflection in the water of just splash it in their face to wash it. The way water scooping is done is very similar to the way Bubble Blowing is started. In many cases, the water which is scooped already contains bubbles from a Bubble Bath so that it may also be called Bubble Scooping. This picture is from Rinne no Lagrange.
April 14th, 2015 "Goemonburo"
Samurai Champloo 8 2.png
Goemonburo is a type of Japanese Bathtub that has a design similar to an iron kettle with edges to the sides. It is heated from a small furnace at the bottom. A Barrel Bath is an informal improvisation of this type of bathtub. It is named after the famous thief Ishikawa Goemon who was killed by being boiled alive in a cauldron. This picture is from Samurai Champloo.
January 6th, 2015 "Hinoki Bathtub"
Ikkitousen 1 1.png
Hinoki Bathtub is a old traditional Japanese styled Bathtub that is made out of hinoki wood. Water is usually drawn into a hinoki bathtub from a small stream that continually runs into the bathtub. It usually plays the same role that modern Unit Bathtub's do but are made out of wood instead and can often be even bigger than one even to the point of being the size of a Bathing Pool which are often the types of baths used in Rotenburos. The picture came from Ikkitousen
October 8th, 2014 "Shower Curtain"
Dragon Ball 6 1.png
Shower Curtain is a long cloth that is used during a Shower to prevent water from being sprayed out into the rest of the room and also serves as means of privacy for the bather and are sometimes closed even when the bather is taking a bath instead. Shower curtains are often shown to be somewhat transparent in shower scenes to show a silhouetted shadow of a character who is showering as well. Though some shower curtains are typically plain with a single color, they are seen to come in many different designs such as ones with hearts or polka dots. Shower curtain's aren't completely common in Japanese culture as the average method of household showers are part of the Furo session and would generally only be seen in western style bathrooms or in some communal showers. The picture came from Dragon Ball
July 2nd, 2014 "Bath Bucket"
Sekirei 10 3.png
Bath Bucket is a wooden or colored plastic bucket used in Japan that has a few purposes while bathing. One use is for it to be used as a holder for other bathing accessories when going to bathe somewhere such as a Public Bath. Another use is as a stool to sit down on during Furo sessions. Another common use is to scoop water from the Bathtub or body of water that your intending to bathe in, onto your body so you can rinse off after washing before you get into the water. Bath Buckets also commonly play a role in anime and manga as an improvised weapon by throwing them when a character is being Peeped at The picture came from Sekirei
April 1st, 2014 "Skinny Dipping"
Inuyasha 3 1.png
Skinny Dipping is when a character swims in a lake, river or any natural body of water naked. This is common for traveling characters because they are usually in areas where a bath isn't around. The water is usually cold and they are out in the open meaning any common person could end up watching them. Sometimes the character may get lucky and end up finding a Hot Spring to skinny dip in. Skinny Dipping can sometimes happen in a Swimming Pool or if a characters loses their bathing suit and they end up naked. The picture came from Inuyasha
January 3rd, 2014 "Suicide"
Suicide is an act where someone makes the choice to end their own life. It can be seen during an Angst Bathing scene to depict a characters depression. The Bath is shown as an easy place to commit suicide as you are vulnerable. The most common way is through cutting yourself and sitting in the bath to bleed out which ends with a corpse in a Blood Bath. Other ways are from putting an electrical appliance in the bath to shock yourself or by simply drowning yourself. Almost all Suicide bathing scenes are tragic but are sometimes prevented from someone else discovering them and stopping them in time. The picture came from Gantz.
October 1st, 2013 "Slipper Bathtub"
Slipper Bathtub is a model of Clawfoot Bathtub that has one end raised and sloped to create a more comfortable lounging position for the bather to lay in. The look seems very classy and appealing for a bathtub and usually likes to be a sign of elegance. A Double Slipper Bathtub is a design where both ends are raised and sloped. The picture came from Nisemonogatari.
July 4th, 2013 "Washtub"
Gun Frontier 6 2.png
Washtub is a short rounded Bathtub usually not meant for bathing but may end up being so on occasions where a normal bathtub isn't available. In many historical settings characters will tend to have Baths in these since most average people who did bathe ended up only bathing in one of these. Washtubs may seems like suitable bathtubs for smaller or younger characters but for more grown-up characters they seem a bit small usually not having enough space for their entire body to be submerged and sometimes have to have legs sticking out. These tubs are typically made of wood but can also be tin. The picture came from Gun Frontier.
April 4th, 2013 "Shampoo"
Outlanders 7.png
Shampoo is a type of Soap used specifically for washing hair. It is sometimes followed by another substance for hair known as Conditioner. In Japanese culture, Shampoo is applied outside of the bath during a Furo session and rinsed off under a Shower. A sign of a character using shampoo is a big cloud of soap suds in their hair and usually their hands rubbing it. Since shampoo can sometimes get into a persons hair, there is a type of hat called a Shampoo Hat that can be worn to avoid that problem. The picture came from Outlanders.
January 23rd, 2013 "Rubber Duck"
Soul Eater 4 1.png
A Rubber Duck is a toy duck that floats in bath water. They usually squeak if they are squeezed. They seem to serve no purpose in bath scenes except for just being there. The picture came from Soul Eater episode 4.
October 1st, 2012 "Bath Kick"
Lupin III Alcatraz Connection 1.png
A Bath Kick is an action which involves a person in a bath extending their leg up and having it stick out of the bath water. This is usually done to show that the bather is relaxed or sometimes when they are washing their leg. On very rare occasions it is used as a method of attacking someone. The picture came from Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection episode 6.
April 12th, 2012 "Blowing Bubbles"
Blowing Bubbles is a scenario in which a character who is taking a bath blows bubbles. A common practice of this is when a character scoops some of the suds from some Bubble Bath and blows it in the air making bubbles fly around the bathroom. Another way is for a bather it put there mouth in the water and blow causing bubbles to fly up. It also happens if someone is submerged for an amount of time and exhales. To find out more click here. The picture came from Steel Angel Kurumi 2 episode 6.
January 6th, 2012 "Barrel"
A Barrel is a type of storage container that is often used at times as an improvised bathtub. Usually water is poured into it and the barrel is held up over a fire where the water can be heated. This is very common during rural and poor environment's with limited supplies. To find out more click here. The picture came from Amazing Nurse Nanako episode 2.
September 21st, 2011 "Bathing Pool"
A Bathing Pool (or sometimes simply called a Big Bath) is a bathtub that is about as wide as a pool and made for more than one bather. It is often at ground level and is mostly seen as part of a Public Bath or a private bath for rich characters. To find out more click here. The picture came from Inuyasha episode 58.