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This is a list of all the bathing scenes that been a featured bathing scene on this wiki:

April 4th, 2016 "Yuri Kuma Arashi episode 2"
Yuri Kuma Arashi 2 7.png
Kureha Tsubaki let's Lulu Yurigasaki take a Bath in her house after giving her the story that they are homeless and are bound to get fleas. Lulu is then seen having a Furo session starting with her washing her arm with Soap in the Shower Singing "Baths! Baths! Baths are so fun! Bubble, Bubble! Scrub, Scrub! Growl! Growl! Growl!". After a brief cutaway, Lulu is seen having a bath and curling her legs in a pink Clawfoot Bathtub with her rubber duck. She is seen with her hair tied up in a Towel Headband and washing her arm and then lifts her leg. To hear more about this scene click here
January 3rd, 2016 "Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 24"
Neon Genesis Evangelion 24 5.png
Asuka Langley Soryu attempts to commit Suicide in a rusty old Clawfoot Bathtub that is in a destroyed house. As she lays in the Blood Bath, her clothes are seen neatly folded and a NERV agent walks in finding her and interrupts her suicide by bringing her back to the headquarters. Due to her mental state at the time, she apparently didn't care about being seen naked by the agent as she showed no reaction. Later on, after Shinji Ikari meets Kaworu Nagisa, they bathe together in a Public Bath at NERV. For more details on these bathing scenes click here
July 7th, 2015 "Sekirei episode 2"
SEKIREI - 02 - Large 26.jpg
Musubi takes a Shower at the apartment that both her and Minato Sahashi was moving out of. Later on, after now moving into the Izumo Inn, Musubi takes a Bath in the house's Hinoki Bathtub. While in the tub, Uzume comes in with a Bath Bucket to join her. We see Musubi outside of the tub during a Furo session where she is soapy and washing her arm as well as her feet while conversing with Uzume. After Musubi dunks water from a bucket to rinse the soap off, Uzume notices the mark behind Musubi's neck pointing out that she is a Sekirei which Uzume then moves her hair back to reveal that she is one as well. The next thing that happens is that Musubi then starts trying to attack Uzume in the bath because they are both Sekirei and have to fight but Uzume dodges all of her attacks. For more details on these bathing scenes click here
April 14th, 2015 "Aika Zero episode 2"
Aika Zero 2 12.png
During a Furo session in Karen Minamino's bath, Eri Shinkai stands in front of the Mirror naked washing her arm with a Sponge as she is Conveniently Censored near her bottom with soap suds as she mentions that its great that they can do the rest of their mission in the open which she then squeezes the sponge in excitement while both Aika Sumeragi and Karen are in the bathtub curling their legs. After a discussion between Eri and Aika about a machine gun being installed to help them with their mystery, the camera zooms out to Karen looking the other way while a Rubber Duck that was in the bathtub that floats over by Aika. After the scene briefly switches, Aika switches places with Eri who gets into the tub with Karen who begins to start Overheating. Aika is outside of the bathtub and washing her arm with a green sponge tells Eri who is in the bathtub resting her arm that its ok if she feels like quitting since its dangerous work which angers Eri as she starts yelling at Aika frightening her. Eri then stands up in the bath in front of Aika which she then says that she gets it and just wants her to cover up her front while on the side, the overheated Karen tries to regain consciousness. Their is a Shower Room scene later on where many unnamed bathers are knocked out and kidnapped. For more details on these bathing scenes click here
January 6th, 2015 "Nisemonogatari episode 4"
Nisemonogatari 4 105 BD.png
Koyomi Araragi takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub after arriving home. In the tub, he is leaning back and resting both his arms on the sides when Shinobu Oshino appears naked out of his shadow and exploding tons of Rose Petals all over the entire bathroom. For the first time seen in the series, Shinobu talks and takes Araragi by surprise causing him to slip in the Bathtub. Shinobu walks over to the Bath Stool and sits down to take a Shower.

While Shinobu is sitting under the Shower Head showering, she continues to talk with Koyomi and brings up that he still has broken hand cuffs on him that he can't get off. Shinobu gets up from sitting on the stool and jumps over to him doing flips and lands right in front of the tub. She pulls the hand cuffs off of Koyomi's hands and then eats them. Shinobu then sits on the outer rim of the tub and continues to talk with him while Koyomi is leaning back in the tub with his legs spread. Shinobu tells Koyomi that she would like to try using Shampoo in her hair. The bath scene is a lot longer, to find out even more information and the rest click here.

October 8th, 2014 "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 18"
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 6.png
Lisa Lisa strips off her dress and gets into a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub on her balcony as her servant Suzy Q is asking her which blouse she would like to wear after the Bath. Suzy Q leaves Lisa Lisa as she bathes and tells Joseph Joestar to wait in Lisa Lisa's room while she gets out of bath but instead Jojo peeps on her through the keyhole. He ends up seeing her sitting on the rim of the Bathtub stroking her hair but suspiciously finds that Suzy Q is in the bathroom when he just saw her downstairs and also notices a strange goo on the door handle. While Lisa Lisa is back in the tub, she notices that her power necklace the Aja is gone and asks Suzy Q where it is but then reveals that she is possessed by AC/DC as his last attack. Lisa Lisa covers her breasts and stands up as the possessed Suzy Q is twitching around and the jumps out of the bathtub holding a white Towel. after revealing he already sent the amulet off. Jojo who is still peeping sees this and jumps in the room to confront the possessed Suzy Q along with Caesar.
July 2nd, 2014 "Outlaw Star episode 23"
Outlaw Star 23 20.png
The crew of the Outlaw Star goes to an Onsen resort planet known as Tenrei. There they bathe in a train that fills with Hot Spring water while they are in Swimsuits. Afterwards they go to a water park Onsen where James Hawking goes down a Water Slide. Later on they go into the snowy mountains where they bathe naked in a real traditional onsen which satisfies Suzuka saying that this is the only Bath on that they have been to that truly captures the spirit of an onsen. Aisha Clanclan is very unsatisfied with the water and thinks its too cold for her and goes off to find a hotter bath. Gene Starwind who is trying to find the sage on top of the mountain that has a special caster for his gun keeps falling for the traps that end up throwing him clothed into the other baths along the mountain such as a bird woman's bath, Suzuka and Melfina's bath and Aisha's lava bath. Once he gets to the top of the mountain he falls into the sage Urt's hidden Rotenburo where he falls unconscious and wakes up in the bath with her. After receiving a new caster, the crew gathers back up and leaves the planet where Urt watches their ship leave while she is in a bath.
April 1st, 2014 "Asobi ni iku yo! episode 3"
Kio Kakazu has a Bath in the Clawfoot Bathtub in his house. While bathing, an assistaroid comes to scrub his back in a Furo session. Eris then comes in wearing a Towel to try to bathe with him but she drops her towel and hugs him from behind. Manami Kinjou walks in on them and gets a misunderstanding and considers Kio a pervert for what she going on and starts attacking him with a broom.

Manami Kinjou and Aoi Futaba use the bathroom next and have a furo session where the two have an important discussion. At first, Manami is shown outside the bath washing her arm with a Sponge while Aoi sits in the tub crossing her legs. Aoi gets out of the tub and starts to washing herself with a sponge but an assistariods alarm goes off causing the two to quickly leave the bath and run outside with guns to find the intruder while still naked.

January 3rd, 2014 "The World God Only Knows episode 2"
The World God Only Knows 2 9.png
Keima Katsuragi is taking a Bath while playing his protected PFP. The lights go out and he ends up bumping his head into a butt which ends up being Elucia de Lute Ima who got into the bath with him and as they both coincidentally opened the blinds together. Keima freaks out and gets out of the tub and covers himself with the Bathtub Cover. Elsie wanted to help wash Keima and then tells him about how her life in New Hell was before she became part of the Runaway Spirit Squad. Elsie who is revealed to have been wearing parts of her Hagoromo as a Towel tries to chase after Keima after he tries to leave and gets dressed but she decides to stay in the bath and act sad. Later on when Elsie writes Keima a note in class about apologizing for what happened in the bath, many of the male students get jealous and want to know what happened in the bath and the scene then transitions with a picture of Elsie taking a Bubble Bath in a Slipper Bathtub while doing a Bath Kick and wearing a Towel Headband.
July 4th, 2013 "Love Hina episode 1"
Love Hina 1 8.png
When Keitaro Urashima finds that the Hinata Apartments has a Hot Spring he decides to start bathing in it while only wearing a Towel. In the bath he ends up meeting Naru Narusegawa who doesn't have her contacts on and mistakes Keitaro for her friend Mitsune Konno. When Naru finds out that shes actually bathing with a guy, she freaks out dragging Keitaro around the Hot Spring and eventually kicking him into the changing room where Mistune is shown in only a towel intending to take a bath but then helps Naru chase Keitaro out instead. The bath scene is a lot longer, to find out even more information and the rest click here.
April 4th, 2013 "Adventures of Kotetsu episode 1"
Adventures of Kotetsu 1 8.png
Linn Suzuki has a bath while wearing a Towel on her head in Miho Kuon's apartment. An imposter version of Miho Kuon comes into the bathroom wearing only a bra and panties and starts Stripping then gets into the bathtub with her. In the tub, the imposter gets uncomfortably close to Kotetsu and attempts to drown her. While under the water, Kotetsu breaks the tub where she and the imposter fly out of the bathroom naked and began to fight. Kotetsu gets a pink Towel on and takes the fight outside as they fall out of the apartment window. Outside they have a Rain Shower as they fight with swords.
January 23rd, 2013 "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam episode 29"
Victory Gundam 29 27.png
Uso Ewin who was kidnapped and handcuffed by the Zanscare Empire Lieutenant Lupe Cineau was stripped and put into a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub. While in the Bath, Uso is then freaked out when he sees Lupe Cineau walk into the bathroom naked and get into the tub with him. Uso then tries to escape the bathtub but then gets pulled back in by Lupe who then starts interrogating him by dunking his head in the water attempting to drown him. While Uso is being dunked in the water by Lupe, he tries to reach his arms around and ends up grabbing her breasts. Uso then manages to flip Lupe over and get some air but just as he attempts to get out of the tub, Lupe rises up and then they start wresting each other in the bathtub. After Uso headbutts her, he manages to successfully escape the bathtub and run out of the bathroom in a hurry with only time to get his underwear on.
October 1st, 2012 "Grenadier episode 2"
Grenadier 2 12.png
Rushuna Tendo has a Medicinal Bath prepared by Koto to heal her wounds that she got from encountering Furon before arriving in Tara. As Rushuna enters the bath dipping her foot in first, she covers her breasts and eases into the bath slightly stinging her wounds. As Rushuna converses with Koto who was keeping an eye on her during the bath, Rushuna learns that Koto's necklace was given to her by Furon. Rushuna then comically yells to the person outside which was actually Yajirou Kojima calling him a bath heater to make the bath hotter. While this is going on, Rushuna has her first encounter with Kaizen Doshi who flys into the building and fights Rushuna. before this happens, Rushuna quickly climbs out of the bathwater and moves Koto out of the way where she then uses a Towel to whip her gun over to her and starts fighting him while naked.
April 12th, 2012 "Dirty Pair: Project Eden"
While the Lovely Angels, Kei and Yuri are exploring an old spaceship as part of their mission, they stumble upon the old ship's bathing room. Being Filthy, they turn the lights on a start to Sing as they both Strip for baths. They both have a Bubble Bath as they are Neighbor Bathing. While Kei is laying in her bathtub holding out a Bath Kick she has a discussion with Yuri who is Shampooing her hair over in her bathtub. As Kei is Arm Resting, she discusses that the last time she had a bath during a mission was an Off Screen Bath where two perverted old men named Jekyll and Hyde saw her. The bath scene is a lot longer, to find out even more information and the rest click here.
January 6th, 2012 "Soul Eater episode 1"
Soul Eater 1 9.png
Blair is introduced while having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in her house with a Rubber Duck between her breasts. She is shown Singing while controlling a Scrub Brush with her magic to scrub her legs and back. Outside the house, Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn plot to capture Blair's house and Soul rushes in breaking through the window landing in blairs bath Clothed Bathing between her breasts while she had her legs crossed. The second Soul takes his face out of Blairs breasts and gets a glimpse at them he has a nosebleed and tells her its nothing, hes a cool guy and used to seeing naked girls all the time. Maka then appears in the bathroom where she kicks Soul out of the bathtub and tells Blair that they are after her soul where she then jumps out of the bathtub naked and magically gets dressed very quickly to battle.
September 21st, 2011 "Bleach episode 116"
Rangiku Matsumoto has a bath in a Unit Bathtub while staying the night at Orihime Inoue's house. While relaxing in the bath she talks to Orihime who is just outside the bathroom door. After hearing about how Orihime is depressed, Rankgiku gets out of the bathroom and leaves the bathroom still naked to hug Orihime.
July 3rd, 2011 "Fairy Tail episode 23"
After retreating from a battle against the members of Phantom Lord, Erza Scarlet is seen having a Shower back at Fairy Tail. In the shower she flashes back to the battle of her comrades being defeated and gets angry and punches the wall when she has a flashback of the guild master being defeated. When the members of Fairy Tail feel the ground moving, Erza is outside with the rest of them wearing only a purple towel. When Erza sees that Phantom Lord is going to destroy Fairy Tail with a giant laser, she runs off dropping her towel and magical ex-quips into armor to try and stop it.
July 3rd, 2011 "Ikkitousen episode 1"
While Koukin Shuuyu is taking a bath by himself, Hakufu Sonsaku comes in drunk and begins to strip her clothes off and then climbs into the bathtub with him. Koukin is shocked but realizes that Hakufu doesn't care. While in the bath together, Koukin faces the opposite direction of Hakufu telling her the meaning behind her sacred bead. After Koukin's explanation he finds out that Hakufu fell asleep.
April 3rd, 2011 "Dragon Ball episode 6"
Dragon Ball 6 5.png
While camping out in the Diablo Desert in Bulma Brief has a Shower inside Oolongs house wagon. In the shower she is seen washing her leg. She then shuts the water off and starts shampooing her hair. Unknown to her Yamcha is outside thinking that he is next to a window to a room Goku and Oolong in but instead end up seeing Bulma naked. Bulma then turns around and hears Yamcha shouting and looks out the window naked but doesn't see anyone and then just heads back to her shower.
April 3rd, 2011 "Inuyasha episode 16"
Kagome Higurashi gets into a Hot Spring while not knowing that Miroku is bathing on the otherside of it. She tells Inuyasha not to peek at her, while Inuyasha replies back saying that he wouldn't want to anyways. While Kagome is relaxing in the hot spring she sinks her head into the water and thinks to herself. She hears a noise and begins to scream, Inuyasha comes out into in the spring to try to fight whatever he thinks is attacking her but it just seemed that she was startled by monkeys. She stands up in the hot spring still naked and hits Inuyasha in the head with a big rock for peeking at her.
December 3rd, 2010 "Gundam Seed episode 9"
Gundam Seed 9 3.png
The scene begins with Miriallia Haw walking into the girls shower room where strips her clothes off (she is not seen on the camera when she is stripping). She is then seen in the Shower Shampooing her hair.
December 3rd, 2010 "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 44"
Winry Rockbell has a bath in Rose's Clawfoot Bathtub while the Shower Curtain is closed. At the beginning Winry stretches her arms out mentioning that she hasn't had a bath in a long time. On the other side of the curtain Rose comes and drops off some clothes for Winry. While still laying in the bathtub Winry says that she is worried about Ed and hopes that he is okay. Later on the episodes eye-catch shows Winry in a bath poking at a Rubber Duck.
October 9th, 2010 "One Piece episode 366 "
A flashback of an unseen moment that is the prequel to Nami's shower and bath scene in episode 341. The scene shows Nami walking into the bathroom naked while Absalom is invisible and he gets a look at Nami's body which amazes him. He also sees Nami turn the Shower on starts showering herself.
October 9th, 2010 "Sailor Moon SuperS: Ami's First Love"
In the beginning of the special, Ami Mizuno tells about her average morning. One part shows that she always takes a bath before school while wearing her glasses and reading a book. It first shows a bunch of flying bubbles obscuring the view of Ami in the bathtub but then becomes clear showing her Bath Kicking while reading. She then looks at the camera and closes the book. She then grabs a pink towel leaning over the edge of the tub and stands up holding it as she gets ready to get out.
July 1st, 2010 "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water episode 26"
While stranded, Nadia has a shower in a Shower stall made by Jean using wood and other things. While enjoying the shower Jean makes some Shampoo using seaweed for her which she happily accepts but then freaks out when she notices that Jean is in front of her and that she is naked but then decides to be happy and thank him. While continuing her shower a towel on a clothes line accidentally gets caught in the machinery working the shower and causes the water to stop. Nadia exits the shower in a pink Towel. Later in the episode Jean gets the shower fixed and Nadia gets back in.
July 1st, 2010 "To Love-Ru episode 1"
To Love-Ru 1 16.png
In the first episode of To Love-Ru (titled The Girl Who Fell From the Sky) Rito Yuuki is taking a bath in a Unit Bathtub filled with Green Bathwater. While in his bath the female alien Lala Satalin Deviluke is transported naked into his bathtub where he is shocked and mesmerized by her naked body. While first seeing Lala naked he accidently lands his hands on Lala's breast while Lala seems to not care. Being freaked out over this surprise, Rito runs out of the bath in a Towel and tells his sister Mikan Yuuki that there is a naked woman in their bathtub, but Lala is gone when he shows her making Mikan embarrassed by thinking her brother fantasizes of woman in while in the bath. When Rito goes back to his room he see's Lala on his bed wearing a tan towel.