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English Title: Amazing Nurse Nanako
Kanji Title: 菜々子解体診書
Romanji Title: Nanako Kaitai Shinsho
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
anime ova series
Directed by: Hiraku Kaneko
Studio: Radix
Original Run: July 5th, 1999 - April 7th, 2000
# of Episodes: 6

Episode 2

Released September 24th, 1999

Ueda Genki has a Waterfall Shower in a Bathing Gown. Later on at the end of the episode, Nanako Shichigusa takes a Bath in a Barrel but jumps out and runs away naked when Kyoji Ogami shows up and gets mad at her.

Episode 3

Released November 26th, 1999

Hyde ends up naked and falls unconscious where he ends up showering in the rain.

Episode 6

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