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Kanji Title: オールヌード
Genre: Comedy, Psychological
Original Creator: Shinichi Sugimura
Manga series
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 7

All Nude is a manga series that consisted of a collection of one-shots by Shinichi Sugimura.

Bathing Scenes

Chapter 1

Released 1994 in Young Magazine Zoukan Exacta
A man who is sitting on the beach of a deserted island he has been stuck on for a year tells himself that he wants a cute girl with huge breasts and then in the distance sees an unnamed girl who is Skinny Dipping naked in the Ocean swimming towards the island holding a turtle and having her Butt Floating out of the water. When she gets up to shore, she stands up happily revealing her full bare body to him while still holding the turtle. The man is seen crying saying that he is so happy that he is ready to die, which she then comes up to him and bashes him in the head with a turtle supposedly killing him and fulfilling the request.

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