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Snow White with the Red Hair

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Akagami no Shirayukihime (anime)

Episode 21

There is a Public Bath scene at an inn. Shirayuki and Kiki Seiran take a Bath together and talk. Obi and Zen Wistaria take a bath in a Bathing Pool in a separate room and Obi undermines Zen's attempts to have a serious conversation by embarrassing him and joking about peeking on the girls.

Akagami no Shirayukihime (manga)

Chapter 31

This chapter was adapted as part of the above listed Episode 21 and includes two bath scenes when Mitsuhide, Kiki, Obi, Zen and Shirayuki stop at an inn to get out of the rain. The only main character not to have a bath scene is Mitsuhide as Obi complains about in an omake where he tries to force the stoic knight to take a bath with him.

Chapter 72

Yuzuri invites Shirayuki and Izuru to the public bathhouse on Pavilion Street in Lyrias to celebrate the success of the Olin Maris experiments. Suzu overhears and invites Obi, Ryuu, and Kirito to the bathhouse when he hears none of the other males have been since he wants to celebrate his own success in the experiments in a relaxing way.

Chapter 89

Obi is shown drying off after bathing off screen while talking with Zen.

Chapter 99

Obi goes to the Pavilion Street Bathhouse with Mitsuhide where they discuss Mitsuhide's recent sleeping problems. Later in the day the pharmacy workers including Suzu, Kazaha, Ryuu, Yuzuri, Shirayuki and Izuru to the bathhouse and Ryuu invites Kirito along. Ryuu, Kazaha, Kirito and Suzu end up snowed in at the bathouse after Suzu and Kazaha take a nap in the lounging area and Kirito and Ryuu go take a second bath to try and keep warm and relax after a cold day. Shirayuki had left earlier for a date with Zen.

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