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Release date October 26th, 2009
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Agent Aika episode 2 is the second bathing scene in Aika Zero as well as the last bathing scene in the Agent Aika franchise.



Act I

While the girls have another meeting during a Furo session in Karen Minamino's bath, Eri Shinkai stands in front of the Mirror naked washing her arm with a Sponge as she is Conveniently Censored near her bottom with soap suds as she mentions that its great that they can do the rest of their mission in the open which she then squeezes the sponge in excitement while both Aika Sumeragi and Karen are in the bathtub curling their legs. Eri gets right in Karen's face and tells her that they can now go in and finish this mystery with Aika agreeing saying that they're prepared this time as Aika has a machine gun installed in her place which the scene shifts briefly to show. Eri's reaction to the machine gun causes her to get excited and bend over where both her and Aika get a devious look on their faces and laugh because they want it to be fired once while the camera zooms out to Karen looking the other way while a Rubber Duck that was in the bathtub floats over by Aika. The scene shifts briefly to outside the bathroom where the captain to Eri's ship is seen talking with Risako Nagisa asking why the girls have to have their meeting in the bath which Risako responds by saying that they are undressed in body and spirit to be more sincere which during that moment, an off screen occurrence happens where Aika gets out of the tub and switches places with Eri who gets into the tub with Karen who begins to start Overheating. As it shifts back to the girls in the bath, Aika who is outside of the bathtub and washing her arm with a green sponge tells Eri who is in the bathtub resting her arm that its ok if she feels like quitting since its dangerous work which angers Eri as she starts yelling at Aika frightening her. Eri then stands up in the bath in front of Aika which she then says that she gets it and just wants her to cover up her front while on the side, the overheated Karen tries to regain consciousness.

Act II

The girls being knocked out in the showers

At the girls academy, eight unnamed students are seen having a group Shower in the Shower Room. As gratuitous angles are seen of them all enjoying there showers, one of the girls is seen playfully grabbing another girls breasts. Eventually one of E.T.A.I.'s small threads are seen lurking through the showers and pierces a girl with brown hair in the bottom knocking her out as the first victim. As a purple hair girl who is showering next to her notices, she then gets attacked as the next victim following three other girls next to her and eventually gets all the girls in the showers. As they are all knocked out the thread begins to drag each of the girls bodies off through a whole in one of the lockers in the locker room which leads to the White Knights hidden base. Aika runs into the locker room and tries to stop E.T.A.I.'s thread from taking the girls naked bodies but fails and ends up in the base as well.



The scene first appeared in the second episode of the OVA's release on October 26th, 2009 in Japan.






  • Both of the bathing scenes in this episode are the two longest bathing scenes in the franchise as well as the ones with the most use of explicit nudity.
  • Karen Minamino is the only character in this scene to not have her nipples visible as well as the only character in the franchise to never have them visible during a bathing scene.
  • Karen is the only character to remain in the bathtub the entire scene.
  • This is the only scene in the franchise where unnamed female characters are seen bathing naked.


Act I

Act II

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