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Release date July 5th, 2009
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Studio or Magazine Studio Fantasia
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Length 38 seconds
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Agent Aika episode 1 is the first bathing scene in Aika Zero.



Eri Shinkai, Karen Minamino and Aika Sumeragi have a Furo session in the bathroom at Karen's house. In the bath, Aika is outside of the bathtub getting her back scrubbed by Karen with a green Sponge while Eri is sitting in the bathtub resting her arm while briefing Aika on the details for their mission. After telling Aika, Eri stands up in excitement exposing her naked body and points up in the air saying that their mission is the most mysterious mystery. Aika who is still having her back scrubbed calmly asks Eri how old she is since she seems to think Eri is acting childish which Eri answers 19 and then Aika tells Eri to atleast cover herself up as she is standing with bare crotch in front of Aika's face.



The scene first appeared in the first episode of the OVA's release on July 5th, 2009 in Japan.

Outside Appearances

The back of the case to the first volumes blu-ray has a screencap of the shot in this scene where Eri is seen in the bathtub while Aika is getting her back scrubbed by Karen. During the ending credits to the third episode, it shows the part where Eri stands up in the bath and points up in the air with her breasts exposed.






  • This is the first Furo scene in the franchise as well as the first time a naked character is seen bathing in a bathtub.
  • Chronological in the Agent Aika timeline, this is the earliest that Aika Sumeragi and Karen Minamino are seen bathing but not for Eri Shinkai as her earliest was in an offical image taking place in the Aika R-16 era of her Skinny Dipping due to Clothing Loss.


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