Aida Kiyoka

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Aida Kiyoka
Aida Kiyoka.jpg
Gender Female
Series Sokuhi Shigan!
Taken 4 Sponge Baths (1 off screen)
1 Furo
5 Baths
Bathed In Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub
Bathed with Director-san
Situations Off Screen Bathing
Tied Hair
Arm Stretching
Leg Arching
Underwater Bubble Blowing
Leg Curling
Edge Leaning
Bathing with Animals
Accessories Used Wash Cloth
Bath Bucket
Bubble Bath

Aida Kiyoka (nicknamed Aeeda) is the main protagonist of Sokuhi Shigan!

Bathing Accessibility

Before the time span of the series, she lived in modern Japan where she owned a Bathtub. During her early days of arriving in the parallel world the series takes place in, she had no access to bathtubs and was only able to bathe by Sponge Baths which she usually took in the kitchen. After becoming a side consort, she lives in the castle where she has her own private Ofuro with a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.

Bathing Habits

Aida who is obsessed with cleaning naturally likes to take Baths since she likes being clean. When she was transported to a parallel world where bathtubs are not a common household item, she desperately tried to keep up with her hygiene by giving herself Sponge Baths every night. She likes bathing so much that she gave up her romantic freedom to become a side consort so she can have her own bathtub to take daily baths and was her sole motivation in the series. Since her daydreams of bathtubs are of clawfoot and slipper tubs, it seems this is her bathtub preference. She ties her hair up when she takes baths.

Bathing Scenes

Sokuhi Shigan! (manga)

Chapter 1

She takes a Sponge Bath in the kitchen Off Screen.

Chapter 2

She takes two Sponge Baths.

Chapter 4

She takes a Sponge Bath Off Screen.

Chapter 5

She takes a Bath in her new personal Clawfoot Bathtub.

Chapter 9

At the end of the chapter, she takes a Bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub.

Chapter 10

She takes a Bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub with Director-san.


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