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Ai Yori Aoshi 17 58.png
Official English Title Waves
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title Sazanami
Release date August 21st, 2002
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine J.C.Staff
Scene Type Shower & Bath
Sex Focus Male & Female
Length 5 minutes 6 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 05:55 - 11:01
Segment Episode

Ai Yori Aoshi episode 17 is the twelfth bathing scene in the Ai Yori Aoshi anime series.


At an Onsen, there is a Shower scene with Kaoru Hanabishi that Taeko Minazuki accidentally joins. Tina Foster and Mayu Miyuki come in and take a Bath in the Hot Spring Taeko tries to distract them while Kaoru escapes from in the bathwater underneath a Bath Bucket. They eventually get suspicious of the bucket and Chika Minazuki who was watching the entire thing happen jumps into the bath as a distraction and has her White Towel pulled off by Tina causing Kaoru to see her fully naked making her scream and splash around giving Kaoru the time to perfectly escape being unnoticed by Tina and Mayu.


This episode first aired on August 21st, 2002.


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