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Official English Title Silent City
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Release date April 25th, 1997
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Studio or Magazine Studio Fantasia
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Length 5 seconds
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Agent Aika opening credits is the first bathing scene in the Agent Aika series. It is shown at the beginning of the first 4 episodes in the series and the song played is Silent City by Mari Sasaki.



Aika Sumeragi is shown naked Skinny Dipping in the ocean while Standing with the wind blowing in her direction. At first it shows a blank night sky but then a lit city appears in front of her.


  • Mari Sasaki - background song performance


The scene first appeared in the series first OVA release on April 25th, 1997.





  • This is the only time in the original series and as an adult that Aika Sumeragi is shown in bathwater naked.
  • This is Aika Sumeragi's only Skinny Dipping scene as well as the only Skinny Dipping scene to be shown in any of the anime series in the Agent Aika franchise.
  • This is the only bathing scene in the Agent Aika franchise to not show any visible female nipples.
  • This is the only bathing scene in the franchise to appear in an opening or ending theme.

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