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Official English Title Delmo Operation: White Silver
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Release date December 18th, 1998
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Studio or Magazine Studio Fantasia
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Agent Aika episode 6 is the third bathing scene in the Agent Aika series.


Act I

After having a physical examination, Aika Sumeragi is seen in the facilities Public Bath with Rie Petoriyacowa both sitting on the rim of the outside end of the smaller Bathing Pool possibly implying they already were in the bath. After they leave, Aika is seen getting dressed while Rie who wearing a Towel is at a vending machine asks Aika if she wants a drink.

Act II

Rion barges into the locker and reveals Rie's true identity to Aika which then causes Rie to have a bunch of Black Delmos come and attack Aika. Aika manages to kick a brown haired Black Delmo in the bathroom where she falls into the Bathing Pool clothed. As she tries to get up and scared, Aika comes over and kicks her head back in and she is fighting two other Delmos.


  • Kenichi Kanemaki - Writer
  • Katsuhiko Nishijima - Director


The scene first appeared in the sixth episode of the OVA's release on December 18th, 1998 in Japan.







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