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Release date January 10th, 1997
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Adventures of Kotetsu episode 2 is the second and last bathing scene in the Adventures of Kotetsu anime.


Act I

At an Onsen, Tatsuya Mikado is seen bathing on the males side of the Hot Spring. Over on the girls side, Linn Suzuki is bathing in the hot spring with Miho Kuon. While messing around and annoying Miho, Kotetsu gets Bath Kicked by her which causes her to stumble back and accidentally break the barrier separating the males side where she ends up appearing naked in front of Mikado who ends up getting a nosebleed from it causing him to pass out with an erection.

Act II

Later that night, he gets back in the hot spring where Kagari disguised as Kotetsu begins to seductively bathe with him. The real Kotetsu gets into the hot spring over on the girls side where she meets back up with Oni Azami. Kotetsu and Azami end up seeing the fake Kotetsu over the fence to find that it is really Kagari who then reveals her true form ending up clothed in the bath and then pushes Mikado to the side where he once again gets a nosebleed and passes out with an erection. Kotetsu gets a spa robe on a begins to battle Kagari throughout the whole resort.



The scene first appeared in the second episode of the OVA's release on January 10th, 1997 in Japan.






Act I

Act II

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