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Adventure Time

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Adventure Time is a cartoon series with a comic adaptation. At least one episode was directed and animated by someone involved in anime.

Season 1

Episode 10

An naked old man is seen having a Rain Shower and jumping into a Hot Spring.

Episode 13

"City of Thieves" debuted 24 May 2010

There is a brown horse taking a Bubble Bath and using soap while wearing a blue Shower Cap.

Episode 17

The Ice King goes Skinny Dipping in a River.

Season 2

Episode 30

s2e4 "Blood Under the Skin"

Finn walks in on several people bathing.

Season 3

Episode 73

s3e21 debuted 12 December 2011

Marceline bathes and Finn sneaks a peep at her.

Season 4

Episode 80

s4e2 Five Short Graybles debuted 9 April 2012

Smell: Ice King takes a shower and 2 penguins join him and help him wash under his arms.

Season 5

Episode 109

s5e5 "All the Little People" debuted 3 December 2012

Episode 126

s5e22 The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita debuted 27 May 2013

Ice King takes a shower.

Episode 138

s5e34 The Vault debuted 16 September 2013

The leader of the Bath Boy Gang voiced by Paul Scheer is constantly bathing with a white towel on head.


Season 7

=Episode 200

s7e1 Bonnie & Neddy

After the juice flow is restored a yellow guy sleeping in his showertub has Accidental Bathing then the King of Ooo has a Shower behind a Shower Curtain while conversing with Finn and Jake who stand guard.

As steam fills the room he does Drinking Bathwater from the shower faucet.

Season 9

Episode 269

s9e3 "Son of Rap Bear"

Mixed Bathing and Clothed Bathing happens when Finn the Human and Flame Princess do Bathtub Sharing.

Fin is sitting and reading while Phoebe is Standing In The Bath.

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