Ace wo Nerae!

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Ace wo Nerae.jpg
English Title: Ace wo Nerae!
Kanji Title: Ēsu o Nerae
Romanji Title: Yōsei Hime Rēn
Translated Title: Aim for the Ace!
Genre: Drama, Sports
Original Creator: Sumika Yamamoto
Anime series
Directed by: Osamu Dezaki
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Original Run: October 5th, 1973 – March 29th, 1974
# of Episodes: 26

Ace wo Nerae! (anime)

Ending Credits

Episode 6

Hiromi Oka takes a Shower.

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  • Gunbuster - Based off of Ace wo Nerae! and both have similar Japanese titles.

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Ace wo Nerae!
Bathers Hiromi Oka
Anime 6
Years 1973
Companies TMS Entertainment
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