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Accidental Peeping is when a character ends up Peeping on someone intentionally. Often times even though it was unintentional they still get punished for it.

List of Accidental Peeping scenes

February 13th, 1972 "Lupin III episode 17"
Lupin III 17 3.png
While riding a deflating balloon, Arsène Lupin III falls into the window of an apartment building which ended up being the bathroom while a woman was taking a Bath. Being mad at Lupin for accidentally Peeping at her, she throws a Bath Bucket at him. Daisuke Jigen who is still riding the balloon, flies up the building where he ends up seeing a mother and child bathing together and another floor with a lady in a Towel brushing her hair who finished Off Screen Bathing.
August 5th, 1985 "Dirty Pair episode 4"
Dirty Pair 4 9.png
While Romeo attempting to take a Shower, he is seen by Kei who barges into his apartment where she is chasing after a special cat named "Guillaume de Malatesta XIIIisa" which ends up in his bathroom. He then ends up taking his shower but then Yuri follows the trail that was left and ends up in the bathroom as well where she accidentally sees him in the shower as she pulls open the Shower Curtain. She covers her eyes as he frighteningly covers his private area.
September 21st, 1985 "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam episode 29"
Zeta Gundam 29 3.png
Walking through the halls of the Argama, Kamille Bidan accidentally sees Fa Yuiry topless and only in a pair of yellow panties and a pink Towel on her head after an Off Screen Shower trying to call get Shinta and Qum who she was bathing to stop running naked in the halls and get back into the bathroom. She covers her breasts when she suddenly sees Kamille and runs back into the bathroom. she opens the door again in a green Bathrobe and yells at Kamille.
November 18th, 1985 "Dirty Pair episode 18"
Dirty Pair 18 4.png
Kei and Yuri barge into a hotel room where an unnamed man (who they mistake for a criminal they are after named BJ) is taking a Bubble Bath and scrubbing his back with a Scrub Brush. This seemingly paranoid man pulls a Shotgun out of the Bath and starts firing at them. He gets a green Bathrobe on and chases after them which causes destruction to the entire hotel.
May 21st, 1994 "Aozora Shoujotai episode 1"
Aozora Shoujotai 1 5.png
While arriving on his first day, Takuya Isurugi opens a door which ends up being a bathroom where Arisa Mitaka is in a Furo session washing her arm with Soap. He then flees and opens another door where he accidentally sees Miyuki Haneda in her panties changing and is chased by both Arisa and Miyuki right after where they then get him in a corner.
May 21st, 1998 "Love Hina chapter 1"
Love Hina ch 1 13.jpg
Keitaro Urashima takes a Bath in the Onsen while first arriving at the Hinata House not knowing it was now an all girls dorm when Naru Narusegawa suddenly joins him surpring him. Since Narusegawa didn't have her contacts or glasses on in the bath, she thought she was bathing with Mitsune Konno but then when playfully grabbing Keitaro but then touches his crouch when she discovers that it is not Mitsune and that it is a guy. She reaches over to Keitaro's glasses and sees him and after a moment of awkward silence starts to scream causing him to runaway. He runs away but then meets the rest of the girls in the Hinata House practically naked other than a Towel which causes him to have a bad first impression on all of them.
August 2nd, 2009 "One Piece episode 411"
One Piece 411 20.png
Monkey D. Luffy falls through the roof of Boa Hancock's castle while being pursued by the Amazon's of the island and lands clothed in her Bathing Pool while she is having her Bath. As Luffy then sees her naked and points out the mark on her body, she then submerges into the water and her sisters Boa Sanderson and Boa Marigold come in to see what is going on. As a result for peeping at her, in the next episode Luffy is tied up and put into an arena where he has to fight til the death so she can keep the true meaning of the marking on her back a secret.
August 30th, 2010 "Fairy Tail episode 44"
Fairy Tail 44 2.png
Erza Scarlet ends up barging into the males side of the Magnolia Public Bath from misleading directions she got from Evergreen after defeating her. Inside she ends up accidentally Peeping on many unnamed male bathers who seem embarrassed.
October 19th, 2010 "Motto To Love-Ru episode 3"
Motto To Love-Ru 3 6.png
Rito Yuuki who was going to visit Yui Kotegawa while she was sick, accidentally walks in on her while she was giving herself a Sponge Bath with a Wash Cloth and covers her breasts.
March 19th, 2011 "One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase"
One Piece 3D Mugiwara Chase 2.png
Monkey D. Luffy barges into the Thousand Sunny's bathroom looking for his treasured straw hat while Nami is in a Bubble Bath. Being strongly focused on looking for his straw hat, he starts getting close to where Nami is and starts digging into the bathwater desperately looking for his hat but then gets Bath Kicked and then scolded by Nami for it which he then quickly leaves and decides to search somewhere else.
April 26th, 2012 "Sankarea episode 4"
Sankarea 4 30.png
Rea Sanka sneaks downstairs to take a Shower when nobody was supposedly home but then Jogorou Furuya walks in on her and then believes she is his long past wife Sada.
June 8th, 2012 "Sankarea OVA episode 1"
Sankarea OVA 1 16.png
Chihiro Furuya who dipped his feet into a Hot Spring ends up coming across Rea Sanka who was taking a Bath in it who was trying to recover her flower hairpin that she dropped. While this is the first time they have both come across each other, they are unaware of this is the time they first met as the steam obscures their view of each other and Rea attacks Chihiro with a stick for peeping on her.
December 7th, 2012 "To Love-Ru Darkness episode 9"
To Love-Ru Darkness 9 28.png
Rito Yuuki who ended up having his hand stuck to Golden Darkness's hand ended up having to bathe with her but wearing a Blindfold and having Nana Aster Deviluke join as well to keep on eye on him. After Slipping on some Soap that was on the floor, his blind fold falls off accidentally seeing Yami naked and his other hand falling onto her breast.
April 19th, 2013 "Date A Live episode 4"
Date A Live 4 4.png
Shidou Itsuka attempts to take a Shower but as he enters the bathroom, he accidentally walks in on Tohka Yatogami while she was using the shower not knowing that she started living at his house. As a result, she slaps Shidou out of the bathroom which Shidou. Later on when Shidou takes a Bath, he sees the silhouette of Tohka Stripping through the door which freaks him out and causes him to hide under the water as Tohka bursts in and jumps into the bathtub not knowing Shidou is in the bath but then Shidou ends up rising up which gets Tohka mad again and tries to drown him as a result.
July 15th, 2013 "The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc episode 2"
The World God Only Knows Goddesses 2 10.png
After Haqua du Lot Herminium took a Shower during a Furo session, Keima Katsuragi comes into the bathroom to bathe just as she is about to get into the Bathtub. Keima doesn't pay much attention to Haqua for a second and then she screams and attacks him.
April 19th, 2015 "Fairy Tail Zero chapter 7"
Fairy Tail Zero ch 7 2.png
While Mavis Vermillion was going over to a Lake, she accidentally stumbles upon Zeref for the for the first time while he was Skinny Dipping. Mavis turns around and shields her eyes while Zeref gets out of the water.

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