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A.I. Love You

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A.I. ga Tomaranai! (with A・I が止まらない! retitled A.I. Love You in English) is a manga by Ken Akamatsu that ran 8 volumes from 1994 to 1997 in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Bathing Scenes

Chapter 3

Saati Namba is seen High Towel Wearing on the cover implying that she was Off Screen Bathing.

Chapter 4

Hitoshi Kobe explains to Saati Namba that the Ocean is like a giant Bathtub and Saati has a Dream Sequence of both of them taking a Bath together in a giant Undermount Bathtub next to some sand. When they are at the beach, Saati starts Stripping and is then shown wearing a Towel and holding a Bath Bucket with a bunch of accessories and heading towards the ocean attempting to go Skinny Dipping in it thinking its an actual bath but Hitoshi stops her and then someone's fishing line hooks onto Saati's towel causing it to be pulled off.

Chapter 24

Saati Namba stays at the Kobe Onsen and enters the men's Hot Spring in an attempt to spend some time with Hitoshi Kobe, however, the individual she was conversing with actually turned out to be a Hot Springs Monkey.

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