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This is a list of non-bathing scenes in the 7th Garden franchise such as Off Screen Bathing implications.

7th Garden Volume 8 Extra

7th Garden Volume 8 Extra.jpg
Official English Title N/A
Kanji Title N/A
Rōmaji Title N/A
Release date May 2nd, 2017
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Shueisha
Scene Type Off Screen Bathing
Sex Focus Female
Length 1 page
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Post Chapter

Vyrde is seen wearing a White Towel after possibly bathing off screen and is having make up put on her by Servants. It is unconfirmed if this scene has any bathing relation other than some towel wearing being involved and if its unknown if the two ladies putting make up on her had any involvement as servants.


  • Mitsu Izumi - Writer & Artist


This illustration was released as an extra at the end of the 8th 7th Garden manga volume released on May 2nd, 2017 and is shown after chapter 32.


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