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English Title: 6 Angels
Kanji Title: シックス・エンジェルズ
Genre: Action, Science-Fiction
Original Creator: Yasushi Akimoto
Anime series
Directed by: Makoto Kobayashi
Written by: Yasushi Hirano
Studio: Eighty One Entertainment
Ark Trues
Original Run: November 20th, 2001 - July 6th, 2002
Episodes: 6

6 Angels is an ONA series by Eighty One Entertainment.

Franchise History

The original concept was created by Yasushi Akimoto and with Yasushi Hirano as the screenplay writer. Directed by Makoto Kobayashi, Production began by Eighty One Entertainment in 2000 with an original release expectation for January 2001 while animation was being done by Ark Trues. There are 6 chapters of uneven duration, originally released on the Internet as separate episodes, and the total running time is 100 minutes.

Brief Plot Overview

In the near-future an all female mercenary group called "Guard of Rose" consisting of Maki Aoba, Naomi Jones, Doris Nicholas, Marilyn Moreau, and their new unofficial member Katherine Hook is tasked with defeating Donn Canyon and his family who took control of a large underground prison at a former nuclear test site in Utah known as Neo Purgatory and declare war upon the world by gaining control of the American orbital nuclear missile platform and vowing the "purify the world with radiation" in a nuclear holocaust.

Bathing Scenes

Episode 6

6 Angels 6 6.png
Official English Title
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date July 6th, 2002
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Ark Trues
Scene Type Shower
Sex Focus {{{sex}}}
Length 29 seconds (24:08 - 24:37)
Timestamp or Pages {{{time}}}
Segment {{{segment}}}

6 Angels episode 6 is the only bathing scene in the 6 Angels series as well as the last episode.


Near the end during the stories aftermath, Doris Nicholas is seen taking a Shower back at the Guard of Rose hideout. While she has her eyes closed and relaxed, she hears JC's voice then opens her eyes to see that he is standing there clothed in the shower with her Peeping. Doris calmy asks him if he is a ghost right now which he says no. Doris then gets mad and starts beating him up cutting over to outside the shower door showing silhouettes of her beating him up such as kicking him and uppercutting him.



The scene was first streamed online in Japan on July 6th, 2002.




Bathing Facilities

Guard of Rose Hideout Shower

Shower in the Guard of Rose hideout

There is revealed to be atleast one Shower facility in the Guard of Rose hideout which was used by Doris Nicholas and JC in the sixth episode. It is encased with a glass door which is seen to have a mat in front of. Not much other detail is given about the facility other than that its a shower. Being in the Guard of Rose hideout it is also assumed that Maki Aoba, Naomi Jones, Marilyn Moreau also take showers in it Off Screen on a regular bases and that Katherine Hook who joined up with them at the end also would use it.

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