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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shonen, Supernatural
Original Creator: Seishi Kishimoto
Manga series
Published by: Gangan Comics
Serialized in: Monthly Shonen Gangan
Original Run: August 11th, 2001 to December 12th, 2007
Volumes: 19
Chapters: 76

666 Satan (known as O-Parts Hunter in the US) is a manga series by Seishi Kishimoto, the brother of Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto.

Chapter 1

Released August 11th, 2001

Ruby Crescent goes Skinny Dipping.

Chapter 2

Ruby Crescent has an Off Screen Bath.

Chapter 30

Ponzu takes a Shower.

Chapter 37

Chapter 43

Ponzu takes a Bath in front of Cross in the command room washing her arm while wearing a Towel Headband and then stands up right in front of him.

Chapter 44

Ponzu who just finished her Bath from last chapter is still in front of Cross in the command room talking to him and puts a Towel on.

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  • Naruto - Created by Masashi Kishimoto the author of 666 Satan's brother.

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