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Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Original Creator: Yuzo Takada
Manga series
Published by: Kodansha
Serialized in: Weekly Young Magazine
Original Run: December 14th, 1987 to August 26th, 2002
Volumes: 40
Chapters: 577
New 3x3 Eyes
Published by: Kodansha
Serialized in: Young Magazine Kaizokuban
Original Run: December 26th, 2014 - ongoing
Volumes: atleast 2
Chapters: atleast 2

3x3 Eyes is a manga series by Yuzo Takada that ran in Weekly Young Magazine

3x3 Eyes (manga)

Chapter 1

Pai Ayanokoji takes an Off Screen Shower after arriving Filthy at the restaurant Yakumo Fujii works at.

Chapter 2

Released January 1988

The chapter cover has Pai Ayanokoji taking a Bath with Yakumo Fujii. Later on in the actual chapter, Both Pai and Yakumo stay at a hotel and it's bathroom has a filled Unit Bathtub where it seems that Yakumo took a bath in it Off Screen.

Chapter 20

Pai Ayanokoji takes a Shower.

Chapter 44

Pai Ayanokoji takes a Bath in a Washtub.

Chapter 65

Yakumo Fujii ends up Skinny Dipping.

Chapter 79

Meixing Long has a Furo session behind a curtain. Later on, Pai Ayanokoji takes a Bath in a palace's Hot Spring wearing a Bathing Gown.

Chapter 80

Pai Ayanokoji's Bath in a Hot Spring wearing a Bathing Gown is continued from last chapter.

Chapter 138

There is a Shower Room scene.

Chapter 139

Last chapter's Shower Room scene continues.

Chapter 147

There is an Onsen scene with Pai Ayanokoji.

Chapter 169

There is a outdoor Furo scene where an Oil Drum Bath that is used Off Screen.

Chapter 261

There is a Shower scene with Yoriko Kamiyama.

Chapter 367

There is a Furo scene with Yakumo Fujii.

Chapter 447

Kali is seen in a Tube Bath.

Chapter 448

Kali is still seen in a Tube Bath.

Chapter 449

Kali is still seen in a Tube Bath.

Chapter 453

Kali is still seen in a Tube Bath.

Chapter 454

Kali is still seen in a Tube Bath.

Chapter 455

Kali is released from the Tube Bath.

Chapter 466

Kali has a Flashback Bathing Scene of being in the Tube Bath.

New 3x3 Eyes

Volume 1 Extra

Released June 27th, 2015

There is a visit to a Public Bath called "Onsen Park".

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