2.5 Jigen Kareshi/Chapter 5

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2.5 Jigen Kareshi ch 5 3.jpg
Official English Title In Pursuit of a Graduation Kiss
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date March 3rd, 2015
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Nakayoshi
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Female & Male
Length 1 page
Timestamp or Pages page 6
Segment Chapter

2.5 Jigen Kareshi chapter 5 is the only bathing scene in the 2.5 Jigen Kareshi manga series.


Tsumugi Koino decides to de-stress by taking a Bath using a pack of Tokiji Hijikata's branded Bubble Bath. While she bathes in a Unit Bathtub she stares at a poster that she hung up next to the tub of Tokiji bathing in an Onsen and talks to herself imaging she is bathing with him. After finishing her bath, she is seen in the Changing Room using a Hair Dryer to dry the poster.


The scene was first released on March 3rd, 2015 in Nakayoshi.


Appearing Tropes


"F-Forget it. I'll just take a relaxing bath. Times like these call for a little Tokki Bubble Bath!"
~Tsumugi Koino
"The water feels nice and warm, huh, Tokki?"
~Tsumugi Koino
"Phew! I think that bath really helped!"
~Tsumugi Koino


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