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List of Bathing Scenes from 1988

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This is a chronologic listing of bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1988.

January 4th, 1988 "Kimagure Orange Road/Episode 39"
There is a Bath scene.
January 12th, 1988 "Esper Mami episode 40"
Esper Mami 40.jpg
Mami Sakura has a Bath scene.
January 25th, 1988 "City Hunter episode 42"
City hunter 42 3.jpg
There is a Bubble Bath scene.
February 8th, 1988 "Kimagure Orange Road/Episode 44"
Kimagure Orange Road44 1.jpg
Madoka Ayukawa takes a Shower.
February 21st, 1988 "Dirty Pair OVA/Episode 6"
Dirty Pair OVA 6 1.png
Yuri takes a Shower behind a Shower Curtain in the bathroom of a hotel room she was staying in.
February 22nd, 1988 "Kimagure Orange Road/Episode 46"
There is a Shower scene.
February 25th, 1988 "Dragon's Heaven"
Dragon's Heaven 10.jpg
There is a Bath scene with Ikuuru.
March 7th, 1988 "Kimagure Orange Road/Episode 48"
There is a Bath scene.
March 12th, 1988 "Doraemon: Nobita's Parallel "Journey to the West""
Doraemon Journey to the West 1.jpg
There is a Shower scene with Shizuka Minamoto.
April 16th, 1988 "Grave of the Fireflies"
Grave of the Fireflies 3.png
Seita and Setsuko take a Bath together in a Teppouburo and play with a Towel Balloon.
April 16th, 1988 "My Neighbor Totoro"
My Neighbor Totoro 09.jpg
There is a Furo scene.
April 21st, 1988 "Appleseed"
Appleseed OVA.png
Deunan Knute takes a Shower.
July unknown date, 1988 "Angelus: Akuma no Fukuin/Video Game"
Angelus Akuma no Fukuin.png
Eris Miler takes a Bubble Bath while on the phone.
July 8th, 1988 "Mashin Hero Wataru/Episode 12"
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 12 05.jpg
Mariannet takes a Bubble Bath.
July 25th, 1988 "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Chapter 081"
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 2 Color.jpg
Lisa Lisa strips off her dress and gets into a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub on her balcony as her servant Suzy Q is asking her which blouse she would like to wear after the Bath. Suzy Q leaves Lisa Lisa as she bathes and tells Joseph Joestar to wait in Lisa Lisa's room while she gets out of bath but instead Jojo peeps on her through the keyhole. He ends up seeing her sitting on the rim of the Bathtub but suspiciously finds that Suzy Q is in the bathroom when he just saw her downstairs and also notices a strange goo on the door handle. Lisa Lisa notices that her powerful necklace the Aja is gone and asks Suzy Q where it is but then reveals that she is possessed by AC/DC as his last attack. Lisa Lisa covers her breasts and grabs hold of a White Towel. The scene continues into chapter 82 where Lisa Lisa is already out of the bath and still naked holding a towel while Jojo jumps in the room to confront the possessed Suzy Q along with Caesar.
September 28th, 1988 "Mobile Police Patlabor: Early Days episode 4"
There is a Bath scene.
September 28th, 1988 "Dragon Ball episode 128"
Dragon Ball 128 3.png
Son Goku goes Skinny Dipping.
October 7th, 1988 "Top wo Nerae!/Episode 1"
Gunbuster 1 1.png
Noriko Takaya and Kimiko Higuchi are seen in wearing towels and washing at faucets in a Shower Room after having Off Screen Showers in the Shower Stalls.
October 7th, 1988 "Top wo Nerae!/Ending Credits"
Gunbuster ED.png
Noriko Takaya is seen in a wearing a Yellow Towel while washing Shampoo out of her hair in a sink using a Shower Head.
October 7th, 1988 "Top wo Nerae!/Episode 2"
Gunbuster 2 39.png
Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano bathe together at the space stations Public Bath and are joined by Jung Freud who invites the two girls to her birthday party.
October 12th, 1988 "Dragon Ball episode 129"
Dragon Ball 129 3.png
Fanfan bathes in a Hot Spring.
November 6th, 1988 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 02"
1+2=Paradise ch 02 07.jpg
Yuka Nakamura takes an Ice Bath in a Drop-In Bathtub.
November 25th, 1988 "Crying Freeman episode 1"
Normal Crying Freeman1-01.jpg
There is a Shower scene.
December 2nd, 1988 "Urusei Yatsura OVA episode 4"
Urusei Yatsura OAV04-10.JPG
There is a Bath scene.
December 2nd, 1988 "One Pound Gospel"
There is a Shower scene.
December 6th, 1988 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 03"
1+2=Paradise ch 03 41.jpg
While cleaning the house, Rika Nakamura shows up completely naked and completely covered with Soap and has Yusuke Yamamoto use the soap on her body to help clean until she ends up naked. Afterwards Yusuke helps Yuka Nakamura clean the Ofuro but they both fall over into the Drop-In Bathtub and get tangled into a cord which turns the faucet on gets the Bath Running. They end up Clothed Bathing and Yuka falls unconscious.
December 6th, 1988 "Violence Jack: Evil Town"
Violence Jack 2 5.jpg
The naked corpses of unnamed women are seen unofficially Skinny Dipping in bloody water.
December 28th, 1988 "Urusei Yatsura OVA episode 5"
There is a Barrel Bath scene.

Unknown Date

January unknown date, 1988 "3x3 Eyes/Chapter 002"
3x3 Eyes ch 2 1.jpg
The chapter cover has Pai Ayanokoji taking a Bath with Yakumo Fujii. Later on in the actual chapter, Both Pai and Yakumo stay at a hotel and it's bathroom has a filled Unit Bathtub where it seems that Yakumo took a bath in it Off Screen.

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