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Official English Title
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date December 6th, 1988
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Monthly Shonen Magazine
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Female & Male
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Chapter

1+2=Paradise chapter 3 is the second bathing scene in the 1+2=Paradise manga series.


While cleaning the house, Rika Nakamura shows up completely naked and completely covered with Soap and has Yusuke Yamamoto use the soap on her body to help clean until she ends up naked. Afterwards Yusuke helps Yuka Nakamura clean the Ofuro but they both fall over into the Drop-In Bathtub and get tangled into a cord which turns the faucet on gets the Bath Running. They end up Clothed Bathing and Yuka falls unconscious.


Appearing Tropes



  • Sumiko Kamimura - Writer & Artist


The chapter first released in Japan on December 6th, 1988 in Monthly Shonen Magazine. It was compiled into the first manga volume released in Japan during March 1989.

Outside Appearances

Flashback in chapter 5

In chapter 5, Yuka Nakamura flashes back to this scene through Recap Footage.

Anime Differences

Anime version of this scene

This scene was adapted into the 1st episode of the 1+2=Paradise OVA series.

  • In the anime version, the tub is changed from a normal sized Drop-In Bathtub to a large Sunken Bathtub.
  • Rika's soap seduction happens during the bath cleaning scene in the anime rather than before in a different room like in the manga. She is also Showered off with a hose by Yuka which doesn't happen in the manga.
  • Yuka is only in her bra and panties at the beginning of the part when they fall into the running bath rather than fully clothed like in the manga.
  • The bathwater is confirmed to be green in the anime adaptation.
  • Yuka's state of undress is more explicit in the anime version where she completely loses her top and almost has her entire panties pulled off rather than the manga where her panties and bra are the most clothing she looses.
  • Rika's Oil Massage scene from chapter 4 is also adapted as an event happening during the aftermath of the anime version of this scene.

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