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English Title: 1+2=Paradise
Kanji Title: 1+2=パラダイス
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Original Creator: Sumiko Kamimura
Manga series
Published by: Kodansha
Magazine: Monthly Shonen Magazine
Original Run: October 6th, 1988 to November 6th, 1990
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 20 (+5 bonus chapters)
Anime series
Directed by: Jun'ichi Watanabe
Written by: Nobuaki Kishima
Studio: J.C.Staff
Original Run: February 23rd, 1990 – April 27th, 1990
# of Episodes: 2

1+2=Paradise is a manga series written by Sumiko Kamimura that is serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha with a 2 episode anime OVA series by J.C. Staff.

Brief Plot Summary

The story focuses on Yusuke Yamamoto, the teenage son of two gynaecologists. As a boy, he was almost castrated by his two childhood friends, the twin sisters Yuka Nakamura and Rika Nakamura, his neighbors, which is why he is afraid of women. Also as a child, he saved the twins from an attacking dog. They grow up with a dream that turns Yusuke's life upside down. At the beginning of the story, they re-appear at the home of Yusuke. His father invites the young women in, to live with them, hoping they will heal his son's gynophobia. The therapeutic benefits of this intended treatment are not entirely clear from the series of, sexually tinted, events that unfold.

Bathing Scenes

1+2=Paradise (manga)

Chapter 2

Yuka Nakamura takes an Ice Bath in a Drop-In Bathtub.

Chapter 3

While cleaning the house, Rika Nakamura shows up completely naked and completely covered with Soap and has Yusuke Yamamoto use the soap on her body to help clean until she ends up naked. Afterwards Yusuke helps Yuka Nakamura clean the Ofuro but they both fall over into the Drop-In Bathtub and get tangled into a cord which turns the faucet on gets the Bath Running. They end up Clothed Bathing and Yuka falls unconscious.

Chapter 4

Their is a Flashback Bathing Scene of Rika Nakamura and Yuka Nakamura having a Furo scene. Later on, Yusuke Yamamoto bathes in a hospitals Public Bath and Rika and Yuka show up in Nurse uniforms to help bathe him but end up losing their clothing during it and eventually both just get in the Undermount Bathtub naked with him. Later on Yusuke helps Yuka bathe elders.

Volume 1 Extra

A magazine cover is seen with an unnamed female naked presumably bathing with wood underneath her possibly being a Hinoki Bathtub.

Chapter 5

Yuka Nakamura flashes back to two bathing scenes from previous chapters.

Chapter 6

Rika Nakamura gets washed with Soap in the Ofuro by Yusuke Yamamoto while still wearing clothing.

Chapter 7

Yuka Nakamura goes Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool after her Swimsuit melted.

Chapter 10

Artwork is seen at the end of the chapter of Rika Nakamura drying off with a Towel after some Off Screen Bathing.

Chapter 12

Yuka Nakamura is seen taking a Bath on the cover while wearing a Shower Cap.

Chapter 14

An image of Yuka Nakamura Skinny Dipping in a Frozen Lake is shown.

Chapter 16

Yuka Nakamura ends up Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool when her Swimsuit top breaks.

Volume 4 Extra

There is an image of Yuka Nakamura Stripping her panties off getting ready to take a Bath.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Cover has Yuka Nakamura wearing a Towel after some Off Screen Bathing.

Chapter 20

1+2=Paradise (anime)

Episode 1

While cleaning the Ofuro, Rika Nakamura shows up completely naked and completely covered with Soap and gets Hosed off by Yuka Nakamura who was cleaning the bath accidentally gets her clothes wet. Rika then continues to clean the bathroom wearing only her bra and panties but falls over into the Bathtub and gets tangled into a cord with Yusuke Yamamoto which turns the faucet on gets the Bath Running. They end up Clothed Bathing and Rika falls unconscious and ends up having her panties and bra removed from the struggle in the bathwater.

Episode 2

Yuka Nakamura accidental Skinny Dips in a circus Swimming Pool while only wearing panties.

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