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1+2=Paradise (1+2=パラダイス) is a manga series written by Sumiko Kamimura that is serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha with a 2 episode anime OVA series by J.C. Staff.

Bathing Scenes

November 6th, 1988 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 02"
1+2=Paradise ch 02 07.jpg
Yuka Nakamura takes an Ice Bath in a Drop-In Bathtub.
December 6th, 1988 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 03"
1+2=Paradise ch 03 41.jpg
While cleaning the house, Rika Nakamura shows up completely naked and completely covered with Soap and has Yusuke Yamamoto use the soap on her body to help clean until she ends up naked. Afterwards Yusuke helps Yuka Nakamura clean the Ofuro but they both fall over into the Drop-In Bathtub and get tangled into a cord which turns the faucet on gets the Bath Running. They end up Clothed Bathing and Yuka falls unconscious.
January 6th, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 04"
1+2=Paradise ch 4 14.jpg
Their is a Flashback Bathing Scene of Rika Nakamura and Yuka Nakamura having a Furo scene. Later on, Yusuke Yamamoto bathes in a hospitals Public Bath and Rika and Yuka show up in Nurse uniforms to help bathe him but end up losing their clothing during it and eventually both just get in the Undermount Bathtub naked with him. Later on Yusuke helps Yuka bathe elders.
March unknown date, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Volume 1 Extra"
Volume 1 Extra.jpg
A magazine cover is seen with an unnamed female naked presumably bathing with wood underneath her possibly being a Hinoki Bathtub.
March 6th, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 06"
1+2=Paradise ch 6 4.jpg
Rika Nakamura gets washed with Soap in the Ofuro by Yusuke Yamamoto while still wearing clothing.
April 6th, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 07"
1+2=Paradise ch 7 19.jpg
The covers shows Yuka Nakamura drying herself with a White Towel. In the chapter, she goes Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool after her Swimsuit melted.
March unknown date, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 10"
1+2=Paradise ch 10.jpg
Artwork is seen at the end of the chapter of Rika Nakamura drying off with a Towel after some Off Screen Bathing.
Before October, 1989 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 12"
1+2=Paradise ch 12.jpg
On the cover, Yuka Nakamura is seen taking a Bath while wearing a Shower Cap.
February 23rd, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Episode 1"
1+2=Paradise 1 16.png
There is a Clothed Bathing scene.
April 27th, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Episode 2"
1+2=Paradise 2 05.png
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.
Before June, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 14"
1+2=Paradise ch 14.jpg
An image of Yuka Nakamura Skinny Dipping in a Frozen Lake is shown.
Before June, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 16"
1+2=Paradise ch 16 9.jpg
Yuka Nakamura ends up Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool when her Swimsuit top breaks.
June unknown date, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Volume 4 Extra"
1+2=Paradise Volume 4 Extra.jpg
There is an image of Yuka Nakamura Stripping her panties off getting ready to take a Bath.
Before November 6th, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 17"
1+2=Paradise ch 17 34.jpg
Yusuke Yamamoto gets Tied Up and shares a Bath in a Drop-In Bathtub with Rika Nakamura.
Before November 6th, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 18"
1+2=Paradise ch 18.jpg
The end of chapter illustration shows Yuka Nakamura and Rika Nakamura partially clothed Skinny Dipping.
Before November 6th, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 19"
1+2=Paradise ch 19.jpg
The cover has Yuka Nakamura wearing a Towel after some Off Screen Bathing.
Before November 6th, 1990 "1+2=Paradise/Chapter 20"
1+2=Paradise ch 20 8.jpg
There is a Mixed Bathing scene in a Drop-In Bathtub.

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