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009-1/Chapter 29

009-1/Digital Collection Volume 5 Cover

009-1 2 04.png
Official English Title Holy Night
Kanji Title 聖夜
Rōmaji Title Seiya
Release date October 12th, 2006
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Ishimori Entertainment
Scene Type Bath & Shower
Sex Focus Female
Length 34 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 06:31 - 07:05
Segment Episode

009-1 episode 2 is the first and only bathing scene in the 009-1 anime series.


Mylene Hoffman is shown in her apartment on Christmas eve taking a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub while having her Shower run on her. She ends up answering a call from her boss Number Zero asking her for her to report for duty. She then turns the shower off and gets out of the tub covered with soap suds and leaves the bathroom wearing a blue Bathrobe.

Manga Differences

This scene does not happen in the manga and is anime original.


  • Naoyuki Konno - Director
  • Yumiko Shaku - Japanese voice of Mylene Hoffman
  • Alice Fulks - English voice of Mylene Hoffman


The scene first aired in Japan on October 12th, 2006.


Appearing Tropes


  • When Mylene gets out of the bath, she does not drain the tub.
  • This is the final on screen bathing scene in the 009-1 franchise production wise since the Digital Collection Volume 5 Cover was drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori before his death in 1998.


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